“The most exciting new songstress from the Pacific Northwest in years, Linda Lane Smith—a name to remember, a soprano whose expressiveness is a theatrical experience. This enrapturing singer found time during her early years on a small farm in Sherwood, OR, to raise 4-H Herefords, becoming County and State Champion Beef Showman. She’s proud of this and mentions it almost in the same breath with saying she received her degree in voice performance and a minor in piano at Boston Conservatory of Music.”
—Rolo Harlow Shillios
Portland Magazine

From Cows to Cadenzas™

SHOWMANSHIP: a component shared both on the Opera stage and in the show ring of 4-H Grand Champion beef competitions.

“From the first time Linda Lane stepped foot into the show ring, age 9, at the Oregon County fair to show her prize Hereford, she was a natural.” — Rudi Bohm, 4-H leader

Twelve years and many blue ribbons later, that same comment was made at Boston Conservatory upon Linda’s first ajudication of the freshman vocal recital: “she’s a natural.” This is still being said of Linda Lane’s showmanship on stage.

“Unlike the other two Jenny Linds, Ms. Smith showed no signs of nervousness as she sang to a large appreciative audience at The University of Bridgeport, CT.” — Bridgeport Telegraph

A talent that was practiced and nurtured beginning with 4-H Beef, cultivated into presentation of arias and song, in many launguages, at Boston Conservatory, and on to the Grand Opera halls of Europe.

Today people still feel Linda Lane’s passion for singing.

“What an amazing story! Your Jenny Lind experience was truly significant in shaping your career and impacting your life. Congratulations on your musical achievements. They are impressive and your letter is a warm reflection on your love of music, performance, and people.” — Co-Chairs of Jenny Lind Competition 2007

Linda Lane took grand champion in beef showmanship at the Hillsboro County Fair, with her Hereford, Annabelle.

“Unlike the other two Jenny Linds, Ms. Smith showed no sines of nervousness.’ Here with Borden’s Elsie the cow, a Jenny Lind Competition sponsor.

Linda Lane Smith with pianist Norman Shetler on the T.S. Maxim Gorki.